Drive safely for cheaper car insurance


Car insurance premiums can bite sizeable chunks out of your finances, so it makes perfect sense to build up that no claim discount as quickly as possible and then protect it.

Driving safely not only helps keep you and your car in one piece, but the more accident-free years you have behind the wheel, the lower your car insurance premium will be. Here are some helpful tips for drivers of all ages and experience.

The Basics

As well as being illegal, speeding gives you less time to react if you encounter anything unexpected on the road. So keep to the speed limits at all times and avoid rushing by giving yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

Don’t exceed your comfort zone even within the speed limit, particularly on unfamiliar roads, and slow down well in advance when heading towards hills as you can’t always see what’s on the other side.

Braking should be applied gradually to avoid locking the wheels and be sure to approach junctions, bends, etc, fully in control having changed down through the gears. Bends can surprise even skilled drivers, especially in bad weather conditions, so slow down, maintain your concentration and keep your eyes on the road.

Make sure your seating position allows you a clear view of the road from all mirrors and your seat belt is worn at all times.

Awareness Of Other Drivers

You might be confident about your own driving ability, but other road users might not be as capable or conscientious as you. An important part of safe driving is an awareness of other drivers, so always be prepared for the unexpected.

Keep your distance when behind other vehicles and leave yourself plenty of space and time to react. Take extra care at junctions and roundabouts – so slow down and allow time to navigate them. Even if you have right of way, make sure the road is clear before pulling out.


Prevention is far better than cure, so regularly check the oil, coolant, water and tyre pressures. Also keep an eye on brake fluid, power steering fluid, wheel nuts, battery levels and lights. Consult the manual and ask a mechanic for help if you’re unsure.

If an unfamiliar sound appears, it could be a sign that something is wearing out or broken. If in doubt, have it checked out at a garage.

Wash your car regularly – the build up of dirt and grease can cause damage to the bodywork and cause rot.

Don’t be tempted

Don’t ever use a handheld mobile phone when driving – not only is it dangerous, but it’s also against the law. Set it to silent to avoid distractions.

Get covered

Prepare for every eventuality by making sure you have the car insurance policy you need. And remember, being a safer driver can help to keep your premium lower.