Divorce app comes to Apple mobile devices

divorce appIf I mention that iPhone and iPad now have access to a divorce app, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world has gone mad and it’s now possible to divorce via text message or tweet.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Divorce? is designed to save individuals hundreds of pounds in legal fees, having been developed by one of the UK’s leading family lawyers, Peter Martin, head of family law at OGR Stock Denton.

Divorce? is written in a conversational style and talks users through the process, breaking down legal jargon and providing advice on key issues. It covers topics including:

  • legal costs,
  • the practical implications of separation,
  • individual rights and entitlements,
  • long term financial impact & expectations
  • the sensitive issues around handling any children involved.

With an opening section aimed at those in the early stages of considering their options, it could also help people avoid divorce entirely, saving their finances, heartache and marriage.

Peter Martin explains: “The purpose of Divorce? is to make people really think through their decision and then the whole process. This will help to generate informed discussions and better communication by getting both parties to start thinking and talking from the outset.”

“It allows couples to have their eyes open before embarking on the formal stages of the process and spending money on legal fees. People don’t always think through the actual implications of divorce and this App makes them do that from the moment they start contemplating the idea. It might hopefully even encourage some people not to give up on their marriage so easily and try to work things out.”

Reflecting the new move for divorcing couples to be referred for mediation prior to going to court, Divorce? promotes the use of mediation throughout the process and explains how it can work and how to get the best out of mediating.

The app costs £9.99 and is available from the Apple iTunes store.

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