Dads as nurturers as well as providers 1 has an interesting article about the changing role of fathers, who are now often taking a much more active role in everything to do with their children:

Meet the new breed of father, the fully involved dad who doles out medicine as easily as dads in the ’60s handed down discipline. In 1965, 60 percent of all children lived in families with a breadwinner father and stay-at-home mom. Now only 30 percent do.

Male baby boomers broke the mold by picking up the diaper bag but Generation X dads, those between the ages of 26 and 40, are picking up the pace, signing school permission slips, running to piano lessons and stopping at the store on the way home. Web sites like are trying to help, dishing out advice on everything from strollers to juice boxes.

There are some useful tips for dads who want to become more involved, including:

  • Take responsibility for the children’s lives, including school lunches, permission slips, appointments, etc.
  • Get to know childcare providers and teachers.
  • Volunteer at school.
  • Remember daily ‘rituals’ are as important as big events.
  • Listen to your children, don’t just talk to them when they’ve done something wrong.
  • Discipline with love.
  • Be a good role model.
  • Share meals together.
  • Read to them.
  • Show affection every day.


One thought on “Dads as nurturers as well as providers

  • Mary Green


    A healthy Dad practices reciprocal communication from child to partner to spouse to teachers.

    The number one job of a Dad is to give and receive communication. Mothers have been performing physical chores of nurturing children for millions of years. Today, the goal is for 100% communication and validation w/in families and communities.

    Comments as to how Dads can begin to share AND care?

    Mary Green
    Green PI Mom 🙂

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