Dads are important. NCT and Babybjörn partner to offer help

babybjorn dadWhatever you think of the occasion of Father’s Day, it’s a great time to consider the important role dads play in the upbringing of children.

That’s why the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) has partnered with Babybjörn to get the help and support they need when starting a family.

NCT has a long history of providing reliable information and support for parents and recognises the important role that dads play. According to NCT’s research by Ipsos Mori, 80% of adults (aged 15-45) think support given to new dads is just as important for the well being of the child, as support given to new mothers.

To help make life easier for dads, NCT and BabyBjörn have joined forces to provide more dads with the information and support they need. Dads coming along to NCT events will now get a welcome pack of information and resources specifically for them. Including a dads booklet and an NCT Daddy Cool DVD, dads can use the pack to help them handle changes to their lifestyle, and the major questions that fatherhood throws up.

NCT’s Director of Operations, Miranda Seymour Smith, said, “NCT recognises men have different needs to women when it comes to becoming a parent and that dads need help too – all too often the focus is on the mother.

“Our resources are a must for any man who is about to find out just what it means to become a dad. They’re frank, fair and realistically portray what being the father of a new baby is truthfully like.

“Dads have an important role to play and becoming a dad for the first time is a major life event – relationships change, finances are affected and there’s a whole range of responsibilities. It’s a time of joy, celebration and pride but can also be a time of worry. Our resources will help dads to understand that other dads have the same doubts and worries as they do and that it’s OK to be unsure and ask for help. With this new partnership we can make these resources available to more and more dads.”

The NCT dads booklet has been written by dads for dads. It explains the options available when making key decisions and covers topics such as understanding the different stages of pregnancy, developing a birth plan, changing lifestyles and relationships, juggling life as a parent, managing finances and the joys of fatherhood.

The DVD “Daddy Cool” combines reliable information from NCT experts with interviews from three dads-to-be who share their real-life experiences, as well as James McQuillan, BBC Apprentice runner up 2009 who commentates from his experience as a new dad. The DVD follows the dads through the final stages of their partner’s pregnancy, and covers live birth and the first six weeks of their new baby’s life. The DVD explores the dads’ roles and choices, the way they feel about becoming a dad and how they get to grips with their new responsibilities.

Here are some more resources you might find useful: