Cuddledry sea creature ponchos offer 50+ SPF

Cuddledry poncho

Gorgeous designs and super sun safety for your little one

The British summer is a running joke, but we do occasionally get a burst or two of sunshine. When it’s hot and sunny, the risk of sunburn is high particularly among babies and toddlers who have more sensitive skin. There are still risks from the sun even on overcast days.

Thank goodness for these lovely sea creature inspired ponchos from Cuddledry. Made from soft brushed cotton and containing patented Rayosan technology, these adorable towels deflect harmful UVA and UVB rays, keeping baby safe. They have a sun protection factor of over 50.

“This remarkable technology comes from Australia, where extensive research has been done on the dangers of skin cancer. Given the forecast for a hot summer this year and climbing annual temperatures, we wanted to bring the same protection to the UK,” explained Helen Wooldridge, co-founder of Cuddledry.

Available in aqua with turquoise edging and an embroidered hammerhead shark on the front, and lilac with cherry edging and an embroidered angelfish, the towels cost £22.99 each. They’re suitable for ages 1-3 and feature poppers under the arms, helping the towel comfortably stay in place.