Couples candlelit takeaway at home over expensive dining out on Valentine’s Day

just-eat-logo.gifCouples ditched going out to an expensive restaurant by dining in with a takeaway instead according to research by

One in three couples had a takeaway meal on Saturday night instead of going out.

When asked “Did you go out to a meal last year with your partner for Valentine’s Day?” just a quarter did this year, compared to over half last year.

The Credit Crunch has had a huge impact on the custom – when asked “If you didn’t go out for a meal this year, what is the main reason?” 68% of participants claimed ‘Expense’ was the deciding factor. Other answers included ‘Didn’t want to’ (14%) and ‘Booked too late’ (10%).

Most (over half) had a curry, while around a quarter of couples had Chinese food.

“You can have just as great a time with your partner at home sharing a takeaway meal as you can at restaurants, especially when the purse-strings are tight but you still want a meal cooked for you,” said Just Eat’s CEO, David Buttress.