Cool: ShapeMaker rubber wood blocks for kids

Sometimes something really cool comes along that you just have to write about. One such product is these ShapeMaker rubber wood blocks by millergoodman.

Let me say right from the start that I’m not being paid to endorse these, nor am I making any money if you follow that link above and buy a set or two for your kids. They’ve been around for about two years — the brainchild of Brighton-based Zoe Miller and David Goodman — and have already won several awards.

In a world increasingly filled with high-tech toys, they recall a time when kids played with real, tangible objects (that didn’t control something on a TV screen). Yes, kids still do play with these sorts of toys, particularly when they’re as beautifully designed as ShapeMaker blocks.

“ShapeMaker is a set of 25 colourful, geometric design, hand printed, beautifully crafted, environmentally friendly hardwood blocks made of rubber wood – a replenishable wood. The blocks can be excitingly arranged to create a menagerie of thousands of surprising creatures and tons of sparkling, imaginative, engaging images that guarantee to delight children of all ages. The blocks perfectly illustrate millergoodman’s commitment to combine function with the highest design principles, producing beautiful, sensitive New Classics in the children’s market. Includes design suggestions.”

Take a look at this video for some great animation using these blocks:

I also love the concept of these XXL blocks — maybe one for grown-ups.