The Complete Peter Rabbit and Friends on a poster: Spineless Classics

Spineless Classics, creator of large format design posters featuring the complete text of a work of fiction, has launched its latest product: “The Complete Peter Rabbit and Friends”.

The poster is available in a choice of two designs – the first depicts the iconic image of Peter Rabbit using the stories’ text to both frame and illustrate him. The second uses original sketches from the series to add colour to the print and appeal to younger readers.

The text is printed at 4pt size which, while small, is readable.

The Complete Peter Rabbit and Friends Poster

Carl Pappenheim, founder and Managing Director of Spineless Classics said, “The Peter Rabbit series sells two million books every year which shows just how popular it still is over a hundred years later. There aren’t many books that can boast this kind of longevity and I am delighted to have this true children’s classic in Spineless Classics format.”

The colour poster measures 50 x 70cm and is priced at £39.99. The black and white print measures 70 x 100 cm and is priced at £44.99. The prints are available from the Spineless Classics online store.

All Spineless Classics are printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade.