Children’s TV celebs announce 2009 TOTAL Green School Awards winner

The winner of this year’s TOTAL Green School Awards has been announced by CBBC presenter Michael Absalom and the BBC’s Really Wild Show presenter Steve Backshall.

Lutley Primary School from Halesowen has won the national competition for schoolchildren which aims to generate interest in the environment and raise awareness of the need for sustainable energy sources.

This year, 341 entries from 17,500 children aged between 7-11 were received.

The wining project was the brainchild of 30 pupils aged between nine and 11 years, who created an oasis in the school grounds. In 2007, the children planted a vegetable garden and they have since harvested and shared the produce with their classmates. After this success, the pupils obtained a grant which was used to build a covered outdoor classroom made from home-made cob bricks (a mixture of clay and straw). The children have also planted trees in the school grounds and created a wildlife garden with a pond and beautiful dragonfly mosaic.

The winners were announced at the national finals held at London Zoo in Regent’s Park.

All students in the winning group receive an all expenses paid Environmental Discovery Course with the YPTE, which comprises a four-night environment adventure exploring the British countryside.

The awards comprise four categories, each allowing group work on environmental topics in a diverse range of subjects including, Art, English, History and Mathematics as well as Science Technology and Geography. From the huge number of entries received, winners for each of the four categories; Totally Active, Totally Clued Up, Totally Creative and Totally Powered Up, were chosen from each of the five regions; Scotland, Wales, Central England, North and South England. The four winners from each region attended a regional final where the national finalists were selected by a panel of judges.

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