Children’s advocacy group launches NetSmartz411 online safety programme for kids

wotd.pngNetSmartz411 is an online programme designed to keep children safe when online. It has been developed in the US by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) who can answer frequently asked questions about Internet safety and online security.

“Parents and guardians have a very tough job keeping up with their children in this ever changing world of technology,” said Ernie Allen, NCMEC president and chief executive officer. allows users to inquire about a variety of subjects including reporting Internet crime, how to avoid sexual predators, or what a chat room is.

Parents can also get a grasp of the lingo used by youngsters on the Internet. For example, 143 stands for I love you, PAL: parents are listening, or POS: parent over shoulder.

According to a recent NCMEC-commissioned study by the University of New Hampshire, one in seven youths online is sexually solicited, and one in three youths will encounter unwanted exposure to sexually explicit material online.

From Yahoo! news