Chessington World of Adventures ejects parent for being embarrassing

chessington-embarrassing-parentsKids who object to their parents being “embarrassing” after stumping up £33 per teenager/adult and £22 per child to get into the “attraction” have been given free reign over the summer to call out, and in extreme cases eject, parents who show them up.

That means parents in a typical family of four, having paid up to £110 just to get in (and that’s before being ripped off at the burger/ice cream/cold drinks stands) could face ejection for:

  1. Kissing or hugging their kids
  2. Holding their kids’ hands
  3. Treating their kids like babies
  4. Shouting or telling their kids off in public
  5. Telling their friends embarrassing stories about when they were younger
  6. Trying to be cool
  7. Daring to go on rides with their kids
  8. Wearing embarrassing clothes
  9. Calling out to their kids
  10. Telling bad jokes

In fact, a press release for Chessington World of Adventures states that “A sign banning embarrassing behaviour is displayed on-park and whilst Chessington bosses have said that they won’t throw parents out for flouting the ban, they have briefed employees to point out any rule breakers in order to save children being left red-faced in public.”

That didn’t stop bosses having to apologise to a family when an overzealous junior employee tried to eject the embarrassing (read: doing their job as a) parent.

The news comes just a couple of months after problems at the theme park left visitors stranded on a monorail and residents in a large part of the surrounding area without power … twice in one week. Park management deny a capacity problem, but perhaps their time and energy would be better invested in improving the park instead of stopping parents from doing what they’re supposed to.

Kids that are easily embarrassed by their parents can always forego the expensive trip and stay at home instead.