How to Celebrate Christmas with Your Grandparents

The Christmas bells have already started ringing and we can hardly be calm as it is time to trim the Christmas tree, hang the wind chimes and rev up the cookie recipes. After all, the Christmas and New Year both call for grand celebrations.

But this is also the time for the reuniting with our extended family. You should give your parents and in laws a chance to come together with your kids on this occasion. So here are some fun ways that can actually help the grandparents and their grandkids to intermingle with each other and have a blast.

Try to Invite Grandparents to the School Play

A classic grandparent entertainment package happens to be the holiday plays at school. Make them the VIP guests of your kids’ school performance. You can make an afternoon or an evening out of it by offering a ride to the restaurant or your home for celebrating the holiday season and the star performer. You should also make it a point to click photographs or record the entire event so that the grand parents who could not turn up can also get to see the videos and those who did attend can save it for future memory.

A Special Craft should be Shared

You can actually spare a long afternoon for the grandparents to teach the grand children one particular skill that they master in. Suppose that the grandfather knows how to cook or do woodwork and the grandmother knows how to crochet or knit. They can pass on their respective expertise to their grandchildren – a task that everyone loves doing.

Involve Them in Charity Work

There is nothing so great than to teach the kids the joy of sharing. You can let the grandparents help and direct your kids to pick up the toys and to donate to those kids who need them. There can be donation boxes in your area that you may have noticed. If not then you can search the website and lookout for local sites where they can go out and standby the kids in need.

Ask Them to Write Poems Together

One of the best gifts for Christmas is to write a poem for someone. So you can ask the grandparents to sit down with the kids and make them write a poem together. It is one of those tasks that all of them will just enjoy performing. Since most of the grandparents stay away the grandkids can learn to write poems all by themselves and send them to their grandparents even if they are unable to turn up every year.

Cookie Time

You can always go ahead and make the children cook up cookies with the grandparents. This is one tradition that is cherished by everyone. You can go for one of the traditional recipes or can create some gingerbread boys and girls. This way you can get a gala time for preparing the cookies and smacking your lips.

The above are some of the ways suggested by the reputed party planning company for celebrating Christmas bringing together your extended family and giving both the grandparents and the grandkids a great Christmas that they will all remember for all the good reasons.

Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Wonderland Agency, which is one of the best party planning company in the UK.