Bygone toys could help alleviate back pain in children

bca_logo.pngThe summer holidays are upon us, a time which sees many children glued to TVs, slumped over computers and lounging around the house for up to six weeks.

According to market research by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), back pain in the UK has risen by a staggering 5% since last year and in another poll, the BCA revealed that nearly half (44%) of 16-24 year-olds suffer from back pain.

BCA Chiropractor Tim Hutchful commented, “We are concerned that the incidence of back pain has grown so dramatically amongst young people. In 2004, less than one in five young people were suffering, now that figure has risen to every other young person in the UK having some form of back pain, which is of serious concern.”

To help alleviate the incidence of increased back pain, the BCA is encouraging the nation to look to the past and ‘bring backÂ’ some of those well-loved toys and get active again. By inviting the nation to leave behind their lazy lifestyles, ditch the computer games and engage in some outdoor activities, the BCA is looking to the toys that kept our parents and grandparents amused for hours, to assist in alleviating the UK’s ongoing back problems.

  • Skipping Ropes: assist with fitness and improves balance
  • Hula Hoops: helps core stability and helps increase mobility of the spine, as well as toning abdominal muscles
  • Space Hoppers: strengthens the spine, improves core stability
  • Bat & Ball: important in improving hand and eye co-ordination (it is amazing how many people have difficulty catching these days!)

By providing activity for all the family, these retro toys are not only fun to play with, they can also help promote and strengthen your posture as well as improve your general fitness levels.

Chiropractor Tim Hutchful continues, “We want to educate people about how making a few simple lifestyle changes can help to reduce the risk of back pain as well as making you feel and look better. Using any of the toys mentioned or incorporating a very simple three minute exercise routine entitled “Straighten Up UK” into your daily lives will help to strengthen your spine and improve your posture.”

Straighten Up UK is a simple, three minute posture care programme designed to help you feel and look your best. The programme is divided into three quick sessions:

  • Stars (warm up)
  • Flying Friends (posture care)
  • Core Balance (to finish off the session)

By promoting balance, strength and flexibility in your spine, the risk of getting problems with your back now and in the future can be substantially reduced.

The exercise routine is available to download from or for more information and a free Straighten Up leaflet visit