Britain’s working mums least likely to take time off work: survey

box-of-tissues.jpgA recent survey by Sambucol suggests that the UK’s working mums are the least likely to take time off when they’re ill, probably because they have so many things to juggle, and so many other people relying on them.

The poll of 3,000 people found that working mums are the profession least likely to take a day off sick, choosing to soldier on whatever the state of their health. Whether it’s juggling a career with family life or taking responsibility for the housework and childcare, it would seem that Britain’s mums don’t let an attack of the sniffles get in their way.

Dr Serene Foster, expert immunologist and herbalist said, “With so many people relying on them it’s no wonder that so many mums feel they cannot afford to be ill. When you start to feel run down, it’s your body’s way of telling you to take it easy, so not taking a day off when you need to may
mean you’ll feel under the weather for longer.”

With 84% of working mums keeping going when ill, and probably a similar, if not higher, proportion of stay-at-home mums doing the same, it’s surely very important for them to have others around them who can lend a helping hand when they’re feeling ill.