Bringing Up Britain: BBC Three investigates life for young parents 3

Cherry Healey investigates whether breastfeeding is best.

Bringing Up Britain sees BBC Three exploring the complex and varied lives of youngsters parenting in Britain today.

The season, airing from Tuesday 12th April, features a wide range of new and original factual programming, including the emotional stories of Jono (What If My Baby Is Born Like Me?) and Steven (Gatwick Baby: Abandoned At Birth) to practical advice and debate programming like Fast Food Baby and Cherry Healey Investigates – Is Breast Best?

Two thousand babies are born everyday in the UK and soon-to-be parents up and down the country are learning to cope with the biggest challenge of their lives.

Helping them to understand the stark realities of their new-found situations, and reassuring them that they aren’t alone, BBC Three is building on the success of previous collaborations with BBC Learning who are producing a series of short videos featuring young parents sharing practical, peer-to-peer tips and advice.

3 thoughts on “Bringing Up Britain: BBC Three investigates life for young parents

  • mark blackburn

    we already know that breast is best. it’s the way babies have been fed for tens of thousands of year. why is cherry always doing this sort of prog

  • Donna

    Because (man who has never had to breastfeed) unlike thousands of years ago, women now have a choice and also have a voice in the modern world. Cherry doesnt dispute the fact that breat is best- i think that you missed the point of the programme.

  • gracee

    i love the show and i think taht it helped me be able to walk the streats feeding my baby megan louise i love that now i have found the confidence to get my boobs out in public thanks

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