Brighten up a dull winter with Aunty Ollie’s new kids collection


Aunty Ollie, the retro-inspired children’s fashion label, has unveiled its first winter collection, which will be available from from September 2009. Like all Aunty Ollie clothes, the new collection features a gorgeous array of vivid prints not normally found on the high street, to brighten up the basics of a winter wardrobe.

The range will feature flannel, cotton and corduroy fabrics in classic, slightly nostalgic styles with a roomy cut to encourage freedom of movement when playing. Teamed up with basics like tights or polo tops, the Aunty Ollie pieces make a statement whether they’re worn around town, in the country with wellies or to birthday and Christmas parties.

For girls (aged 0–10), the range includes dresses, pinafores, coats, tops and skirts. Prints are grouped into themes:

  • Geisha Girl featuring Japanese geishas, Chinese kids, Asian florals and birds, as well as spots in melanges of greens, blues, lilacs and pinks
  • In the Orchard featuring cherries, apples, strawberries, spots and stripes in pink, red and black hues
  • Animalia (The Cute) featuring tiny birds, deer, squirrels, spots and florals in a mix of greens, blues, purples, brown and pinks

For boys (aged 0 – 10), pieces include long sleeve shirts, cargo and lounge pants, hooded tops, coats and kaftan style tops. Print themes include:

  • Old Salty Nautical with boats, anchors, fish, stripes and checks in navy, cream, and greens
  • Transport with retro motorbikes, planes, cars, stripes and checks predominantly in blues and greens
  • Animalia (The Not So Cute) with lizards, snakes, sharks, wild animals, dinosaurs, checks and stripes in shades of khaki, browns, blacks and greens.

“Winter can be dull and grey. We wanted to add a splash of colour and fun to the colder months,” explains Jodie Hampshire, founder of Aunty Ollie and mum of three. “I’ve purposefully created the range so that our statement pieces can be teamed up with existing wardrobe basics to create a variety of looks.

“We’ve also made a point of using a broad spectrum of colours for the girls so that they’re not shoehorned into pink, which most girls’ clothes seem to be these days. And little boys love colour and patterns just as much as girls, so we created a range for them that stands out from dull, monotone attire that is the norm,” she continues.

Prices start from around £16. All clothes are machine washable and made to withstand the rough and tumble of busy kids.