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Every Wednesday we take a look at the best of British parenting and relationships bloggers. If you’re particularly proud of something you’ve written and think we should be linking to you, let us know.

It’s the new year, and Sally at Who’s the Mummy? writes her list of 20 Things I did in 2010 and definitely won’t do in 2011, particularly in relation to her daughter Flea.

Such gems she’ll try to avoid this year include “Inventing games with potentially compromising names like ‘Close your eyes and guess who hit you round the head’. Other people never entirely believe that Flea *asks* me to play these games” and “Inadvertently teaching my child phrases like ‘pick a lane, any lane’ and ‘It’s called fourth gear, Granny, heard of it?’ while on the school run.”

Meanwhile, Emilie at Babyccino Kids found Mick Jagger particularly useful recently as his lyrics spoke volumes to her kids. It’s true: “You can’t always get what you want, but you can try, and you may find, you get what you need”. Let’s see what other gems rock and pop music has to offer parents.

Bambino Goodies has a gorgeously colourful, feel-good print Let’s Have Fun Today that’s just right for these cold, dark winter days. After all, there’s always room for fun.

Sticky Fingers has written a great poem capturing just some of the many moments raising children brings. One Day. Despite the minor inconveniences and mess of the present:

One day I won’t hold warm little hands on the school run.

One day I won’t be the ‘most beautiful mummy in the world’.

One day the sound of children’s laughter won’t wake me in the morning.

One day I won’t get big, gangly little boy hugs. Or a little girl creeping into my lap and tucking her head into my neck. ???

One day my two children will be out there forging ahead in the world, and I crave for these days again.

Baby Rambles picks apart recent research suggesting women ‘want to marry men richer and better educated’ than themselves. Is that really true?

PippaD at A Mother’s Ramblings has posted a great little project courtesy of Ribena. With the winter setting in, it’s a great time to build a home made bird feeder so you can look after the feathered friends around your garden.

Feeding kids is always a challenge. There always seems to be something they won’t eat, or will eat to excess, or will like one day then not the next (after you’ve bought an extra large packet). It’s clear that Being a Mummy is going through that, with another cheese roll please retelling the joys of trying to get two kids to eat vegetables and cutting down on junk food.

At the moment the worst thing I can do to the Boy is to provide him with Pizza covered in vegetables. This is a sacrilege and can result in a furious tantrum of biblical proportions. Still I persevere. Fifi will eat a carrot, some peas and a bit of broccoli, not many other vegetables or fruit will pass the taste test. But that’s better than boy. However, she won’t eat fish or meat. ‘Mothers ways’ I’ve been told. This would be alright, but presumably one cannot live on a diet of baked beans, carrots, broccoli, crisps and the odd bit of cucumber?

What blogs have you been reading this week?