Blog Watch: Play money, Valentine’s crafts, learning time, the new word

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Create your own play money

Parent Hacks has come up with a great way to create new toy money using your own home printer and old gift cards.

The idea is that you simply print out your own money designs, including family photos if you wish, and then tape them to the gift cards. The money is much stronger than the flimsy stuff that often comes with the toy register in the first place, and can even be used as play credit cards.

Last minute Valentine’s crafts

Goodyblog has posted up some last minute crafts for Valentine’s Day on Saturday, so if you’re feeling both arty and romantic and have a bit of time over the next day or so, head over and check it out.

Learning to tell time

Daring Young Mom writes a great piece at the Parenting forums about her daughter Laylee learning to tell the time.

Laylee now follows mum around reporting on the time and making sure everyone knows when she’s running late:

She’s also always ready to call me on my inconsistencies. “But Mom! You said you’d be ready to do story time in five minutes and it’s already been six minutes and you’re still not ready.”

And to this, as I frantically work to get dinner ready, I want to respond, “Yeah? Yeah? Well you didn’t even know that Spider-Man was a good guy until yesterday when I told you that I did not, in fact, buy Magoo Valentine cards covered with pictures of an evil villain mastermind so I don’t think you have any room to criticize. Besides, this food I’m making is for you.”

But that would be immature and very un-mom-like. And by the time I spit it all out, I would probably be at least three minutes late for story time and she’d know it, and then she’d pass that knowledge on to me.

“Yar” should do it

Dad About the Boy tells a delightful story of his son “P” who is very good with the word “Yeah”.

Not only does is signify agreement, but it’s also used repeatedly to beg for food.

Teaching him to say “Ta” when he’s given a piece of food has resulted in his “word economy” kicking in and the generation of a new word: Yar

He says this new word as if he’s an Australian – with a hopeful, pleading rising intonation at the end. So now, stood on the settee, hand on shoulder, he repeats “Yar. Yar. Yar” in your ear until you finally give in and a raisin is deposited into his mouth.

What a clever little boy he is.