Bigoted parents campaign for disabled presenter to be taken off CBeebies 10

cerrie-burnell-cbeebies-presenter.jpgAccording to a report on independent entertainment web site Digital Spy, parents have started a campaign against a new CBeebies presenter.

She must have done something really terrible to warrant that, eh? Sworn or cursed in a programme, perhaps? Advocated the use of illegal drugs? Attacked and killed someone in the street?


Cerrie Burnell’s “crime” is that she has only one arm.

Yes, the BBC has dared to employ someone with a physical disability to front a programme for young children who (according to one angry father) might “suffer nightmares” because of it.

Right… so it’s OK for four and five year olds to have computers and TVs in their bedrooms (according to recent statistics, a significant proportion do) and thus not be monitored by their parents, and yet it’s somehow not OK for a young child to see someone who may be slightly different to them?

Presumably these parents don’t take their children out to the shops (for fear of meeting someone who might walk, talk or look slightly different from their idealised model of human perfection) or to the local nursery (stop the press: some children have disabilities too!)

One (supposed) parent wrote on the CBeebies message boards: “”Is it just me, or does anyone else think the new woman presenter on CBeebies may scare the kids because of her disability?”

Well, it obviously isn’t just you, but it darn well should be.

Goodness knows what these parents think their kids have to be protected from.

At what age will they deem that it’s acceptable to introduce the subject of disability (and discrimination, for that matter) to their kids?

Perhaps they’ll just let their children grow up until one day their cottonwool-wrapped darlings see someone a bit different in the street and, not having been educated or informed any differently, shout out “Mummy, what’s wrong with that woman?”

If only the child had pointed at their parents and asked the question.

(Via Digital Spy)

10 thoughts on “Bigoted parents campaign for disabled presenter to be taken off CBeebies

  • Jack van den Berg

    please tell me these parents who want this presenter off are mentally retaded??

    Wake up please and smell the bloody coffee parents – how are we going to teach our children tolerance if we do not allow people who are disabled to be on tv??

    My wife is disabled although she does not class herself as disabled – She is hard of hearing, and has to wear hearing aids full time… our kids ask why does mommy wear those funny squeaky things?? and we explain to them about the fact that mommy has a hearing problem…

    Please do not do this to ANY person, it is difficuult enough for them to make a living, and if she is good, then more power to her (my kids do not watch cbeebies) but do not take her dignity away from her…

    WAKE UP People… Wake Up!!!

  • Amy

    How sad this makes me feel. Cerrie is a person doing a good job who deserves to be free from such vile discrimination. The BBC should be applauded for employing presenters with disabilities. How great it would be to live in a world where such things were simply accepted, by educating young children this could be a real possibility in the future. As a parent of a two year old who has watched Cbeebies this is an opportunity to discuss disability with him and talk about how all people are equal regardless, not something to be feared!. Its also worth remembering that this kind of disability could happen to anyone. Plus there are 700,000 children in this country with disabilities. What kind if message does all this fuss send out. They should be able to see someone like them on tv who makes them feel valued and inspired, not reviled. Shame on those who complained!!

  • john

    Just goes to show what a wonderful bunch the British are.Okay to see people mistreating animals show football violence on the terraces or murder on the streets but an outcry if someone with a disability is shown on TV.These bigots are low lifes.The typical tattooed Brit you see on holiday who says nothing should be allowed.Show their kids how to give someone a kicking but god help us if they have a tv presenter with one arm.These people have disabilities.Dont have enough brains to blow their noses.

  • Rob

    I am exactly the same as Cerrie although I wear a prosthesis. In my experience I must have scared thousands of kids in my 41 years and hopefully get more time to scare thousands more…Wake up parents, there are a lot more disturbing sights that our kids are exposed to. All kids are inquisitive of my arm, purely because, yes, it is different. Scary, not..

  • STeve Heald

    …really bad that people in the uk think what they think about a presenter “cerrie” with one arm, its called life, if you want your children to grow up normal then let her get on with her job and let your kids explore for themselves, its not a horror film or something?? She does a great job! Feel sorry for the kids that have parents that think like that because funnily enough they’re kids will grow up like that too cos that’s the message your giving them – a bit like if your child bumps there knee and the parent makes too much panic and fuss, the kid will grow up jumping at every little thing that life throws at them… and they call themselves good parents, shame… I wonder what they’d feel like if they had something missing or something chopped off???? oooer???

  • andy burns

    it saddens me that in todays supposed multi-cultural society we have asian afro caribbean white scotish welsh even irish[ I know im pushing it a little ] but on ceebeebies we have a young presenter who just happens to be 1 female 2 welsh 3 blonde 4 oh yes she has a physical disability so what .Can she do the job of linking programs? yes. can she speak English ? yes. so whats the problem there is justin mr tumble or whatever he is and he is showing the kids small easy to copy signing does that make him a big bad tv presenter too I know T V isnt the real world but if my little boys favourite toy lost its ear he would want to play with it he would not be scared if grandma needs her stick he wants one too they are children they see things at face value they are going to be what we show them is right so instead of complaining about Cerrie dont make an issue of it or your little ones will think its wrong or worse unacceptable to be perfect shame on you

  • benjamin russell

    After reading this about Cerrie i am absolutly disgusted with the comments from the small minded parents wanting her off the show. Whats the matter with you sad and sick people, i have 4 children and 3 of them watch the show and not one of them have NIGHTMARES. and they have ask me why that lady has only got one arm and that (and i quote) my 5yr old says that is really cool. If anything my children are intrigued by it, and have no problems with any form of disabilities.
    You parents should be ashamed of yourselves for teaching your children to behave in this manner why should she irrespective of one arm be off the show you need to sort your lives out, so your saying that if you see someone in the street with one arm or no legs or any form of disability your going to make your children/child look in the other direction how can you be so cruel i thought we were an equal opportunity country.

  • Monica

    Im very greatfull to all of you for your good coments because i know that they are lots of good people in the world who can understand disability 🙂 wich makes me feel better and less worries about the future of my baby girl( 8mths) who was born with right hand difrrence. Thanks of cbeebies other children can be tolerant for her when she will go to school 🙂

  • Lisa Chamberlain

    i just saw the news about people asking for Cerrie from Cbeebies to be removed because her having one arm.

    i have watch cbeebies ever since my daughter was born 2 years ago. there’s nothing wrong with Cerrie she’s a very good presenter. there’s more children and some adults with worse disibilitis on Something Special (Mr Tumble) if children learn from day one that nobody is perfect they wouldn’t be scared of different or special needs people. my 2 year old has seen people with disabilities she treats them like any other person.

  • Margaret Hendry

    I was reading articles regarding the female presenter on CBEEBIES, and i am shocked that parents in this day in age regard disability as some kind of excuse for scaring children…The world is full of people who have disabilities and raising awareness and teaching children about this is crucial especially from an early age..everyone deserves the right to maintain a normal life free from discrimination and ignorant people, who should hang their heads in shame for being so judgemental…Its nice to see Cerrie on tv shes a very beautiful young woman.

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