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bbc-newsround-logo.pngNever afraid to avoid deep and difficult issues, the BBC’s Newsround is to screen Gone, a special documentary exploring the issue of bereavement and how it affects children’s lives.

Barney Harwood tells the story of four children who have all lost someone they love.

Eight-year-old Bradley from Welling, Kent, lost his dad in May 2006. His father was a truck driver who wasn’t home during the week. One weekend he never came home and the following week he was found dead in his cab, having suffered a heart malfunction.

Sarika, 11, lost her mum to cancer in 2005. Sarika knew that her mum was very sick but had no idea that the illness was terminal.

11-year-old Katie from Preston lost her nine-year-old brother, James, when he was fatally knocked down while out cycling.

And 11-year-old Joe from Essex lost his granddad last March.

All four of the children in Gone contacted Newsround through the programme’s website after the show asked children if they felt able to share their stories of bereavement. Hundreds of other young people also got in touch to share their stories with the programme.

The programme airs on the CBBC channel at 6.30pm on Monday 30th March, repeated on BBC One the next day.

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