A lot of people think that nursing clothing is maternity clothing. It isn’t. In fact, it looks just like your casual attire. The only difference is that, nursing clothing is designed with specially concealed openings. It makes breastfeeding and feeding in public more comfortable and unobtrusive. This special bonding time doesn’t […]

Breastfeeding in Style

Have you felt ever like a stranger in a house you once “lived in”? Do you see your spouse as just another person to deal with everyday? Do you spend more time facing your laptop than your spouse? Is your cell phone’s ringtone sweeter to hear than your partner’s? You see, […]

Work shouldn’t ruin marriages

When your child asks you if he could play outside and you say No because he has to study for his exams, there are two things to expect. The first one, an out of the ordinary child would simply accept your words. Or, like every other child around the world, […]

They don’t mean it

When your kids go to school, you’ll be surprised of the many types of viruses and bacteria they could bring home. Take for example this morning, I received an email from my daughter’s school, stating that there’s Mycoplasma infection going around the premises. Hmm, Mycowhat? I did some research on […]

Mycoplasma in Kids

These words are often heard when you bring and leave your child to/in the daycare, a friend’s place or even with the babysitter. Hurtful screams that most of the time makes your heart tighten and make you want to take him home again. Unfortunately, this feeling is a very common […]

Mommy, don’t go!

Counselling, chemotherapies and support groups, just a few of the many ways on how a person could cope when they have the disease. But videogames? Developed by a cancer researcher herself, Pam Omidyar believes that by educating young cancer patients about their disease, telling them how the treatments work and […]

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