Around the Web: Sunday 3rd October, 2010

Family Relationship Magazine's pick of news and blog commentary:

  • California to offer foster kids aid until they're 21
    “Aiming to improve the dismal outcomes for thousands of 18-year-olds who leave the foster care system each year alone and impoverished, California will soon provide support through age 21.”
  • Emotional Fitness: Being nicer to your spouse can make all the difference
    “I have worked with numerous couples who could be in a great relationship, except they both have forgotten to be thoughtful to one another, and the resentment has built to the point where therapy is no longer a choice but a necessity.

    I know about the demands of working 40-plus hours a week, raising kids, keeping up with the bills and maintaining a home. By the time evening rolls around, you hardly have any energy for each other, and weekends are not much better. When you’re overworked and overtired, it’s easy to get a little resentful that you’re doing everything all by yourself. The truth is that your mate is probably working as hard as you are and most likely is feeling something similar.”

  • The Dark Side of Dating
    “It was a happy-go-lucky relationship for Mari with her boyfriend, Anthony. Like most teens, she thought the constant text messages from her boyfriend checking up on her location were “normal.” But soon Anthony was isolating her from her friends. Then, during a confrontation over Mari speaking to another boy, Anthony threw her against his truck in the school parking lot adamant that if she spoke to the other boy again it would be proof she didn’t love Anthony.”

    Grant County’s pioneering Teen Dating Violence Peer Education Project offers teens in abusive relationships help from someone they trust – other teenagers.