Are you guilty of passing bad hygiene habits onto your children?

sneezesafe.gifOne in three parents pick their nose, nearly half sneeze into their hands, and over half don’t wash their hands after coughing. These bad hygiene habits are being passed onto their children, meaning that, particularly during the approaching cold and flu season, germs have a field day running around school and family.

Nearly half of all parents can’t remember ever being taught the right way to sneeze and cough, even though over three-quarters know how to brush their teeth properly, and three in five remember being shown how to tie their shoelaces.

Kleenex’s Sneezesafe campaign, though ultimately in place to sell more of Kimberly-Clark’s tissues, has some useful tips for ensuring that the family minimises the disruption and misery colds cause in the wintertime:

  1. Use a tissue to blow your nose and to cover coughs and sneezes
  2. Throw used tissues in the bin as soon as possible
  3. Wash your hands as soon as you can

It’s clear that kids pick up on what their parents do: 52% of parents don’t wash their hands after they cough, 77% of their children don’t; 46% of parents sneeze into their hands, 65% of their children do.

The campaign is aimed at four to six year-olds, and their parents. Hopefully lessons learnt now will stand them in good stead for the future.