Are you a mummy or daddy blogger blogging ‘too much’? 1

Sally at Who’s the Mummy? has written an all-too-familiar post titled 20 Signs That You Need a Blogging Intervention.

We were giggling at those tragic people who take their blogging and Tweeting so seriously that they forget to actually have real lives to blog about.

Blogging is addictive, and blogging as a parent is often something that you just want to do to extreme, boasting and shouting about your kids, your triumphs, the highs, the lows, the comedic, the tragic…

Yet these twenty signs are all too familiar.

My absolute favourites:

  • You find yourself tweaking the family Christmas cards for better SEO. 
  • When you take a photo of your kids, they say, “Is this for your blog?”
  • When your partner accuses you of blogging too much, you immediately write a blog post asking, “Am I blogging too much?” 
  • When dressing in the morning, you automatically assess your outfit for potential v-log suitability.

Why not head over to the blog and leave your thoughts on your obsessive blogging? 🙂

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