Andy’s Wild Adventures coming to CBeebies in 2012

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Update: Andy’s Wild Adventures begins on Monday 13 February 2012, 4.45pm on the CBeebies Channel, and then continues every week day at the same time. There are twenty episodes in all. It should also be available on the BBC CBeebies iPlayer soon after it’s first broadcast.

The BBC has commissioned a major new wildlife series for the CBeebies audience, but don’t hold your breath because it won’t be on our screens until sometime in 2012.

Andy’s Wild Adventures will be a series of 40 quarter-hour programmes following CBeebies presenter Andy Day and a feline puppet on adventures through some of the most amazing wild places on Earth.

The programme will utilise the latest CGI and ‘green screen’ technology, drawing upon the BBC Natural History Unit’s extensive archive of nature footage.

Andy Day is a keeper at a large, busy animal park. Every day he does the rounds, chatting to the animals he sees along the way and doing his chores before reporting back to his trusty and curious sidekick, a puppet cat. Although he’s a very knowledgeable keeper, Andy doesn’t have the answers to all of his feline friend’s questions, so together they decide that a Fact File mission – beyond the zoo – is what’s needed to find out more.

Armed with the kit they need for their trip, Andy and his puppet pal squeeze into their high-spec, all-terrain vehicle and are catapulted into the heart of a wildlife hot spot. And so the adventure begins with Andy as the guide, and his trusted companion back at command central in the buggy…

Sounds like an incredible series, featuring a talented presenter and amazing film of the natural world.