members have created over 1 million family trees in last 6 months

Ancestry OK it’s a blatant plug for (with which I have no affiliation) but their latest news is that in the past six months, over 1 million people have created family trees using their online service.

Their press release states: “In building family trees, users have added an estimated 150 million names, uploaded 400,000 photos and attached 10 million family history documents directly from’s 23,000 historical records collections.”

“The sheer number of family trees created in such a short time demonstrates the collaborative power of the Internet to allow families, regardless of location, to discover their heritage together,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO of The Generations Network, parent company of “Technologies such as email, online storage and photo uploading allow family members to instantaneously bring together their memories in one, centralized, easy-to-access location.”

The Net (and that much-used phrase Web 2.0) is certainly making research and collaboration easier, and the statistics of sites like these prove that there is a real hunger for people to discover their family history.