All At Sea – Santa [CBBC Christmas 2015]

First broadcast: to be confirmed

It’s Christmas in Scarborough. After running up a huge bill downloading movies on his Mum’s phone, Charlie (Ryan Wilkinson) is keen to make some money back so he can give his family the celebration they deserve.

He decides to go into business as a Santa Claus and – with the help of Ben (Sam Hattersley) and Alison (Olivia Cosgrove) – he sets himself up in his ‘grotto’ as a shopping mall Santa. But can he avoid the anger of local parents and disappointed children?

All At Sea - Santa

Hannah (Milly Zero) has decided to beat the cash-poor-festivities by dating a very rich, but very weird boy, called Ted (Graeme Rooney) in the hope he will get her an expensive smartphone for Christmas. The problem is she has to put up with his arrogance, awful taste in music and the embarrassment of her girlfriends seeing them together.

Meanwhile, Louie (Adam Greaves-Neal) is horrified by the very idea of Santa Claus – a stranger who can fly, who sneaks down chimneys and gives presents to people he doesn’t know. He’s amazed Dad even lets him in the house! He has written to Santa and told him not to come; however everywhere he looks he sees Santa – and becomes convinced that he is following him.