Aggie MacKenzie launches Family Cookbook

Aggie MacKenzie is probably best known to British TV audiences for her double act with Kim Woodburn on “How Clean Is Your House?”, but you may not know that she’s also a passionate cook.

That’s why she has just launched the Aggie MacKenzie Family Cookbook, offering ways to save time and money and improve your family’s diet.

Included are tips and suggestions on shopping for good nutrition, devising a four-week eating plan, sticking to your budget, preparing ahead to avoid the need for ready meals and teaching the kids to cook.

Unsurprisingly, there are also tips on ensuring that your kitchen is sparkly clean, with advice on keeping a clean fridge and freezer, blitzing your cupboards and even how to get those really stubborn burnt bits of old food out of the oven.

Classic recipes include Baked Chicken with Lemon, healthy fish and chips, chunky apple pie and seriously gooey yummy chocolate brownies. If the kids have their mates over for dinner, Aggie’s Clissold fried chicken, burritos, cheesy rolls and the ultimate veggie curry will definitely have them coming back for more.

With brilliant ideas for cooking with leftovers, clever ways of bulking out a dinner for four so that it serves six, indulgent breakfast treats and all the bits and pieces that make life so much better, Aggie’s Family Cookbook is the one kitchen essential you won’t want to be without.

The book is available from 5th October: Aggie’s Family Cookbook: Save Time, Save Money