A Little Square: Baby gifts from Alexandra Currie

From one simple product, the baby ‘brag’ book, Alexandra Currie has grown her company A Little Square into one of the UK’s best-loved baby gift destinations.

Five years ago, Alex arrived in London from New York, pregnant as well as on foreign soil. Searching for new mummy friends became top priority for Alex, and sure enough over the next few months a diary of baby showers ensued. Alex was shocked at the lack of desirable baby ‘brag’ gift books or mini photo albums that she had taken for granted in New York; the sort that would fit into handbags or baby bags and enable her new friends to show off their babies to their very best advantage.

It wasn’t long before Alex and her artist twin sister devised a plan to fill this gap in the UK market and hand-paint gorgeous, baby ‘brag’ products. And so it was that A Little Square, and its first product the “Baby Brag Book”, was born.

They launched their website www.alittlesquare.com in 2005, selling a host of gorgeous hand-painted brag books, albums and photo frames. The response from parents and friends was phenomenal, they had clearly found their niche and the orders were coming in faster than they could paint.

Today, A little Square has grown in to a treasure trove of fabulous yet affordable baby gifts and is fast becoming the destination for trendy mummies looking for something a little bit different.

Although Alex has introduced lots more UK brands over the years, the site predominantly sells fabulous finds from across the pond. “My sister and I always took for granted all the amazing products that were available to us in New York when shopping for baby gifts, but when we arrived in the UK we realized there was a big gap in the market for affordable gifts. I love that I can hand pick the best US brands—such as Angel Dear, Sweet Cheeks and Gund—and make them available to all the UK mummies, alongside our own collection.”

Since their launch in 2005, A Little Square have broadened their collection to include children’s clothing, shoes, hair and skincare and even more accessories. Alex has always had a good eye for exciting products and loves sourcing items that are not sold on the High Street. “I am constantly on the look out for new finds to bring to our customers and I’m updating our collection on a weekly basis, so parents know they will always find something new and interesting at A Little Square,” explains Alex.

A Little Square have recently added a small collection for mums, including underwear from the gorgeous Milib and skincare from BooBoo.

To view the full collection visit www.alittlesquare.com