8 Top Tips For A Healthy Relationship

This is a guest post by Emily Attewell from Counselling Directory

With Valentine’s Day around the corner many people begin to really think about their relationship and what the rest of the year has in store for them. Here are some helpful tips to improve your relationship.

It would be like a fairytale to meet and fall in love happily ever after with your Prince/Princess Charming wouldn’t it? Some people may well do and fall effortlessly in love with them, but for the rest of us we often need to put in a bit of effort when things become challenging.

So many people fall in love without even thinking about basic problems that may arise. Where would you prefer to live? Are you going to get married? Have children? If you’re planning on the relationship becoming long-term it may be worth discussing early on some of your major plans, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. Nothing can ruin a good relationship like resentment can. Problems can be resolved with a good old conversation.

The best time to talk is when you are relaxed and not annoyed with your partner. It is difficult to resolve any issues during an argument as raised voices often cause us to become defensive. Remember honesty is the best policy no matter how afraid you are. Your partner should not punish or judge you ? they are supposed to be on your side.

Many people have different boundaries when it comes to infidelity, whether it’s persistent flirting or something more. It is normal for you to occasionally find someone else attractive but it doesn’t need to go any further than that. Trust is extremely difficult to rebuild.

Work commitments and hobbies can often cause problems in a relationship, so make sure you have your priorities straight and don’t leave your loved one feeling neglected.

Family and friends can often take sides during difficult times in your relationship, and although they mean well it can put pressure on your relationship. Seeking emotional support from those closest to us is all well and good, but be cautious as those people do not know the ins and outs of your relationship and it may cause more problems than it solves.

Negotiation is the key to any relationship. It does not mean that you will end up always being unhappy, but any issue, big or small, will need a bit of give or take.

Finally remember you are two different people, you have different experiences and ways of viewing the world.

If you feel that your relationship may need some extra help and would like to speak to someone else that isn’t a friend or relation, or would like more information on Couples Counselling then visit Counselling Directory.

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