3 in 5 parents couldn’t save their child’s life, survey finds 1

A survey of 2,500 mothers by UK supermarket Tesco suggests that 60% of new parents wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency where their child’s life was in danger.

Less than 10% of new parents have had child first aid training in the past 12 months, and 24% said that they badly needed a refresher course.

27% of parents had to deal with a choking incident, but 60% felt unconfident dealing with the situation.

76% of mums say that parenthood is more worrying than they thought it would be.

74% of parents believe that staircases are one of the two ‘hot spots’ in the home, with 67% choosing the kitchen. This bears out incident figures, as over 261,000 accidents happen in the kitchen/utility room and over 268,000
accidents on staircases, according to 2002 figures from the DTI.

Latest figures suggest more than 416,000 children under five have accidents inside the home – with over 191,000 of them falling, slipping or tripping, and some 3,000 cases of meningitis result in 300 deaths every year.

To help parents to gain confidence in looking after their children, and to gain basic first aid skills which could save their child’s life, Tesco are now sponsoring 20 free two hour seminars on child safety, to be held in towns around the UK.

The subjects covered include teaching parents basic resuscitation techniques, the recovery position, what to do if a child drowns, choking, bleeding, burns, scalds, knowing about meningitis and what to look for and basic car safety tips.

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