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Dangermouse Snowman Cometh
It’s Christmas! And Danger Mouse (Alexander Armstrong) and Penfold (Kevin Eldon) are tasked with protecting Santa Claus from the villainous clutches of the festive season destroying Snowman. Embarrassingly inept villain The Snowman is fed up with being humiliatingly defeated by Danger Mouse, and decides to get revenge by kidnapping Santa […]

Danger Mouse – Snowman Cometh [CBBC Christmas 2015]

12 jumpers of Christmas competition 1
Many people can’t be without a Christmas jumper this festive season (nearly one in four according to recent research) but buying one for just one or two uses over a couple of weeks in December doesn’t seem to be very cost-effective or environmentally friendly. Love Your Clothes is challenging Xmas […]

Upcycle a jumper for Christmas to save money and the ...

Alongside the main dozen Christmas 2015 toys recommended by the Toy Retailers Association in the UK & Ireland, we have a number of categories featuring notable other toys. The Build It And They Will Thrive section features eleven toys, including six LEGO-based kits, plus a range of other construction-focused toys, […]

DreamToys 2015: Build It And They Will Thrive