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Women with a history of physical or sexual abuse or an eating disorder are more likely to develop depression during and after their pregnancy, according to new research from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. So reports Medical News Today. 158 pregnant and postpartum women undergoing […]

Depression during pregnancy triggered by eating disorders, abuse

Five European universities will begin vital research into pre-eclampsia, a deadly complication which occurs during pregnancy. The condition occurs in up to ten per cent of all pregnancies and seriously affects both mother and baby. It leads to high blood pressure and other complications. However, it’s not possible to predict […]

Pre-eclampsia to be researched across Europe

The pain and heartache at losing seven babies is unfathomable and unimaginable unless you’ve been there. Stourbridge woman Karla Parkes had all but given up on becoming a mum after an extreme run of failed pregnancies, yet her fortunes have been completely reversed thanks to IVF and Mother Nature, reports […]

Double joy: IVF and naturally conceived babies after seven failed ...