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For many, flirting by those already in a romantic / committed relationship isn’t seen as a problem, and even less so when it comes to doing it over the Internet. This is borne out by a new survey which found that seven out of ten Brits don’t believe there’s anything […]

Seven out of ten Brits in relationships say online flirting ...

The winner of this year’s TOTAL Green School Awards has been announced by CBBC presenter Michael Absalom and the BBC’s Really Wild Show presenter Steve Backshall. Lutley Primary School from Halesowen has won the national competition for schoolchildren which aims to generate interest in the environment and raise awareness of […]

Children’s TV celebs announce 2009 TOTAL Green School Awards winner

Take a look through our articles about the Internet and you’ll already find plenty of examples of parents worried about what their children are up to online. It’s not surprising, therefore, that another survey has raised similar concerns. The computer security firm Trend Micro interviewed over 1,000 British parents and […]

UK parents worry about but don’t monitor kids’ online activities, ...