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Actress mum Tori Spelling has put her name behind a new campaign to encourage parents and kids to easier, more fun potty training. This year, some six million parents in the US will begin potty training their toddlers, and while this is exciting it can also be quite intimidating. To […]

Tori Spelling gets behind The Potty Dance

There’s nothing like a bit of tech sex to sell tabloid newspapers, so the recent report that a wife wants to divorce her husband because he took part in virtual gay sex in the online game Second Life isn’t much of a surprise. I reported on the threat of virtual […]

Get that computer out of our bed! Virtual reality drives ...

“The BBC must remain a cornerstone of high-quality, UK-produced children’s content. This role is even more important given widespread concerns that other public service broadcasters are reducing their investment in children’s output.” That’s the recommendation of the BBC Trust, which oversees the work and output of the BBC, in a […]

BBC Trust commits to quality children’s programming

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old who now mothers fourteen children. One of the latest to weigh in is medical director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Dr Mark Perloe. He believes that the physician who treated Suleman is guilty of “criminal negligence” because American Society for […]

Octuplet birth physician was “criminally negligent”, says fertility expert

Having a baby won’t save a bad marriage. In fact, some couples report reduced satisfaction in the relationship with their partner after starting a family. That may sound depressing, even fatalistic, but the truth is that parents who plan a family and collaborate with parenting are much less likely to […]

Babies aren’t bad for marriage, but starting a family won’t ...

Thanks in part to continue stigma, and sometimes simply practical issues, it can be difficult at the best of times for a new mum to breastfeed in public. However, the problem is exacerbated among lower-income workers, according to US-based Corporate Voices for Working Families. It has therefore launched an initiative […]

New programme to help lower-income mums to breastfeed at work

First Choice has made a pretty big thing of its free child places and child-friendly holiday activities, and now it has announced that it is to offer more free places than ever before. Last year, over 70,000 kids went free on First Choice holidays. Seven thousand of those learnt to […]

First Choice offers more free child places than ever before