Daily Archives: Saturday 2nd August, 2008

According to a recent survey from BroadbandChoices.co.uk, five out of six parents rely on verbal agreements to ensure their children use the Internet safely. That’s despite almost half of children using chatrooms (which, it has to be said, are not filled with paedophiles, but can still be dangerous if users […]

Parents failing to monitor children’s Internet usage, report finds

Children’s party specialists Les Enfants is offering a new Parent Pampering Service at children’s parties so that the grownups get to enjoy themselves too. The service is intended to give parents, who regularly spend their weekends at endless children’s parties, a few minutes of ‘me timeÂ’. The company provides an […]

New parent pampering service at kids’ parties: now everyone can ...

Anyone who has frequented the Internet for a while will know that web sites offering to send electronic greetings cards are fairly common, but they’re not all necessarily suitable for a family audience. 123Greetings.com seems to be “safe” to use, though, and boasts a huge range of virtual cards including […]

Website Review: 123Greetings.com – family-friendly e-card site