Daily Archives: Saturday 19th January, 2008

A study of schools in North Carolina by, among others, Duke University economist Charles Clotfelter, suggests that the long-term use of substitute teachers to plug the gaps left by absentee full-time teachers may be having a detrimental effect on children’s education. Though the statistics aren’t readily to hand in the […]

Long-term substitute teachers can lead to poorer educational results, study ...

Household employment is increasing for families who continually strive for a manageable balance between life and work. For many people, the solution to managing the pressures and the obligations is to hire household staff to work in the home. Most domestic placement agency services can run into the hundreds, or […]

Citinannies.net Helps to Filter Frauds and Scams for Families Seeking ...

Marie Claire speculates that Gwneth Paltrow may be pregnant: The New York Daily News is reporting that Paltrow was taken to the hospital by husband Chris Martin because she is pregnant with her third child. A source revealed to the paper that Paltrow spent time in the maternity wing of […]

Celeb Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow, Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears