Monthly Archives: February 2007

Though it’s not groundbreaking news, the preschool years are the most important time for parents to teach about a healthy diet, by offering a variety of food choices, having regular meal and snack times, and modelling good health themselves. “Parents face many feeding obstacles as their children reach 2 years […]

Early learning of good eating habits requires good parental role ...

The MySpace MyKids project is a new user-friendly website designed to familiarize parents with social networking and help them protect their kids. It’s a powerful educational program for parents who want to not only protect their children, but also better understand and connect with their teens.

Parents get to understand MySpace and connect with their kids ...

Natural family planning methods are often a desired method of preventing, or indeed planning, a pregnancy, but they are often seen as less effective than using a chemical contraceptive pill for the same purpose. However, good news for those (including myself) that believe avoiding pills and using a more natural […]

Research suggests natural family planning as effective as contraceptive pill

eMaxHealth reports that the brains of alcohol-dependent individuals are affected both by their own drinking, and genetic and environmental factors including how much their parents drink. That’s according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Researchers found reduced brain growth among alcohol-dependent individuals with a family history […]

Alcoholics with family drinking history have reduced brain growth

The Daily O’Collegian has posted an interesting article questioning a new bill introduced into the Oklahoma legislature that recommends couples who are to be married go through premarital counselling, enter a so-called ‘covenant marriage’, and then be unable to divorce based on grounds of incompatibilty. It doesn’t exclude other grounds […]

Oklahoma ‘covenant marriages’ aim to lower divorce rate