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I’m pleased to announce that the Family Relationships Forum has now launched – a place to discuss anything and everything related to families: marriage, living together, children, education, finances, teenagers, grandparents, elderly care, social ideas, and resources. What it needs now is a community, which is where you come in. […]

Family Relationships Forum launched

Whilst many studies of obesity in children focus on how their life is influenced by their parents, a new study reverses this thinking and instead looks at what influence kids may have on their parents: “Parents with children are likely to be susceptible in their food choices to both the […]

Diets of children could fatten their parents, study suggests

A new study in America shows that, of 1001 adults surveyed, 65% admitted to spending more time with their computers than their spouse or partner. 84% of people said they’d grown more dependent upon their computer in the past 3 years. I wonder how many have grown more dependent (or […]

Overuse of technology could be harming marriages, survey suggests

The Charlottesville News talks to Anita Clayton about her new book “Satisfaction: Women, Sex, and the Quest for Intimacy”. The interview covers sex education, self-esteem, overcoming issues of sexuality, and the unrealistic portrayal of women’s sexuality by the media. An interesting interview of this UVA professor of psychiatry and obstetrics […]

Anita Clayton interviewed about new book: Women, Sex, and the ...

A new report from the Aberlour Child Care Trust and the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams has recommended that the children of parents who abuse alcohol need the same services as those offered to children of drug abusers. The authors of the report, “A Matter of Substance? […]

Children with alcohol-abusing parents need as much care as those ...