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Check out our Family Christmas Survival guide for articles and advice. Yet more research which shows that British mums are struggling to achieve everything that they need to at work and home this Christmastime. 78% said they were feeling the strain. The Citrix-sponsored survey found that the biggest thing mums […]

Over three-quarters of mums struggling to balance work-life balance over ...

A new piece of research has discovered something that many busy mums and dads are already all too well aware of. Modern “human resource management practices” – or in other words, how employees are expected to work, what monitoring systems are in place, and how they perceive their jobs – […]

Modern working practices strain family relationships, particularly women’s

A new broadband provider is about to hit the market with a product that will revolutionise online child safety. Spidermail offers a trailblazing new service that surpasses parental control systems, which are vulnerable to unscrupulous websites and easily bypassed by increasingly tech-savvy children. Where this innovative new service differs is […]

Unique family-oriented broadband service offers peace of mind to schools ...

A new poll from the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that four out of ten parents with clinically obese children (aged 6-11) said that their kids were “about the right weight”, only rarely being “very concerned” about their child’s weight. This national study on children’s health found […]

4 in 10 parents failed to recognise signs of obesity ...

A group of reproductive medical specialists from Indiana have come up with new research which suggests that infertility caused by stress factors can be reversed through various forms of talk counselling. According to mental health counsellors, many couples unable to conceive anticipate the holidays with dread. “For them, the end […]

Stress-linked infertility can be helped with talk therapy

Down time? What on earth is that? Yes, I expect we all know what the phrase means, but there seems to be precious little of it around. Despite this, it’s highly likely that there are small pockets of “down time” in between all of life’s busyness. These are the times […]

Turn”down time” into “family time”

A new study by UK children’s charity the Sutton Trust suggests that economic factors play a huge role in the academic and learning development of young children. They claim that research on children born in the years 2000 and 2001 shows that, even between the ages of 3 and 5, […]

Young children’s academic development heavily influenced by family affluence

The Professional Computing Association (PCA) is taking action to support the NSPCC’s call to protect children when using the internet. With immediate effect consumer-facing members of the Professional Computing Association (PCA) are required, as part of their conformance with the PCA’s Code of Practice to be aware of, and give […]

Computer sellers partner with NSPCC to guide families in safe ...

A new survey from Clearblue suggests that over three-quarters of couples surveyed have taken a “conception moon” to help them become pregnant, with four out of ten of those couples successfully conceiving. New phrases I hadn’t come across before are babymoons – time alone just before a family is started […]

Trying to conceive? Try a “conception moon” (that’s a honeymoon ...