199 Romantic Ideas

199 Romantic Ideas

1. Play “Taste the Rainbow”. Blindfold your partner and feed them fruity sweets. See if they can guess each flavour. Next, put the candy in your mouth and then give them a kiss. See if they can guess that.

2. Tell them how you feel in a game of Hangman, use phrases like “I Love You” or words like “Kisses”.

3. Play the alphabet game! One person starts with the letter “A” and has to kiss a body part on the other person beginning with that letter. The other person starts with “B” and so on and so on.

4. Get a pack of 3×5 index cards and write different things on them (i.e. slave for a day, back/foot massage, bubble bath) and fold them once. Put all the index cards in a shoebox and give your love the box, whatever they pull out you have to do.

5. Make a pair of dice, one for you and one for your significant other. Put different things on each face like ‘kiss’, ‘hug’, ‘massage’. Then start rolling.

6. Surprise your mate with twenty-six gifts from A to Z that begin with each of the letters of the alphabet.

7. Write a long love letter, then seal it with a kiss and mail it.

8. Write a love letter and put it in a glass bottle. Place the bottle somewhere that you know your love will find it.

9. Find out their favourite colours and make a blanket, preferably fleece, and on one side using felt letters write something like “Cover you in kisses” or “I Love you” or “Wrapping you in my love”.

10. Give your love a letter opener on a Wednesday and on Friday (or Saturday) give them four envelopes (not all at once). The first one is where you are going for dinner, the second has a CD with love songs, the third has movie tickets to the movie they have been dying to see, and the fourth has a letter that says “I Love You”.

11. Buy a dozen or so love cards and a box of stationery. Keep a few cards and/or sheets in your car, purse, briefcase, etc. Whenever you are stuck waiting somewhere, take a few moments and write a love letter.

12. Send a loving e-mail, poem or letter to your loved one.

13. Write down the 26 letters of the alphabet (placed in vertical order on the paper) and write down a description of your partner that starts with that letter. Example: A — Ambitious; B — Breathtaking; C — Cuddly; D — Delicious; E — Exciting; F — Friendly; G — Good kisser; H — Handsome; I — Ingenious; J — Jock; K — Kind; L — Lover; M — Masculine; N — Neat; O — Outstanding; — And so on. It helps if you have a thesaurus at hand to look up words that describe them.

14. On a special occasion put a little confetti or tiny heart cutouts (not a whole lot though) on top of the visor in their car. When they bring down the visor to block the sun the confetti will sprinkle down on them. You could also put a love letter or love-note there.

15. Hand write love letters and leave them under their pillow. Be sure to use romantic stationery, avoid clichés, and tell them how you really feel.

16. Write them a letter using the letters of their name to start each line.

17. Get a deck of cards and give them one every week of the year with a love letter on it.

18. Buy a candle and send it to your special someone. Include a letter that says, “Whenever you want me to be with you and I can’t be there light this candle.”

19. If you have a projector and an empty white or light coloured wall, write your letter in dark ink on a piece of paper and project it on the wall for them to find.

20. Leave several post it notes with loving comments or compliments so that they will be found eventually.

21. Take an empty aspirin bottle, and gave it a label like “Romance medicine: take as needed”. Then write out 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime that a cure was needed!

22. Leave a love note when and where your partner will least expect it.

23. Before you go to bed, place a little chocolate cupid on his or her pillow with a little love note.

24. During the day, pick up a book or magazine you know your partner would love, and put love notes in between random pages.

25. Base a romantic idea on a favourite show. Eat and drink the kinds of foods the main characters do, perhaps involve some role play or play acting.

26. Fill a glass jar with pretty love notes. Spray the inside of the jar with a perfume or cologne. This is great if you’ll be separated for a period of time — your partner can open the jar and read a note each day.

27. Carve a pumpkin with “I Love You” or another short message instead of the traditional face.

28. Make a CD with favourite or meaningful music on. Associate it with a particular period of time (e.g. 12 Days of Christmas).

29. Create a photo and quotations book full of pictures and memories of you as a couple.

30. Set up the bathroom really nicely with candles, flower petals, a hot bubble bath, relaxing music playing… whatever creates a special ambience. Then have a romantic bath together. Don’t rush.

31. Create romantic “business cards” and hide them around the house. They can have love quotes or acronyms which describe the other person. Your partner will have great fun finding them.

32. Send a romantic gift to your partner’s work place (make sure it’s suitable for where they work). Do it on any date, not just expected ones like their birthday or Valentine’s Day.

33. Make a little loving gesture every day for one full year.

34. Create a journal of your life together over the course of a year and present it to your partner on their birthday, at Christmas or New Year.

35. Cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie together.

36. Walk on the beach in the moonlight.

37. Put a single red rose on the seat of your lover’s car before they go to work.

38. Send your lover a virtual postcard at least once a week.

39. Get every book ever written by your loved one’s favourite author.

40. Get every movie starring your lover’s favourite actor.

41. Keep twenty pounds of your lovers favourite sweets to hand.

42. Compose a list: “101 Reasons Why You’re the Greatest”. Write each reason on a separate square of paper. Wrap them in a fancy gift box.

43. Sprinkle perfume on to light bulb. When light is turned on the scent of the perfume will fill the room.

44. Keep a journal of your romantic fantasies. Share it with your soul mate.

45. Take a picture of yourself in the most sexy outfit possible. Hide in a secret spot in your house and leave him or her clues on how to get there. Watch the sparks fly!

46. Put a blindfold on your lover and drive them to a place where you have a blanket, candles, strawberries, sparkling drinks, and a rose. Park the car and take off the blindfold while you read a poem you have written for them.

47. While your lover is in the shower, or bath, put their bath towel in a hot dryer for a few minutes. Greet them when they get out of the shower with the toasty towel.

48. Pull the bag out of your lover’s breakfast cereal box and slit a small hole in it. Insert a love note. Tape up the bag and return it to the box. What a way to start the day!

49. Unplug the TV set. Put a note on the screen saying, “Turn Me on Instead”.

50. Play “hide-and-seek” in the rain. It’s fun and VERY sensual!

51. Build your lover a web page telling them why you love them so much. Mention special moments and add some images and cool links to topics that interest them. Surf the web with them one day and just “stumble upon it”. Or have someone send them an anonymous email with the link inviting them to the page.

52. Fill bathtub with warm water sprinkled with rose petals.

53. Send your love a letter with confetti hearts inside of the letter so they pour out everywhere when your sweetheart opens it.

54. While your love takes a shower, write the words “I love you” in the condensation on the bathroom mirror.

55. Leave a trail of “Hershey’s chocolate kisses” from the front door to the bedroom, right up to the bed. On the bed leave a note that reads ‘I kiss the ground you walk on.’ Make sure you’re not home when s/he gets in!

56. Carve “His” and “Her” jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.

57. Buy a set of matching silk pyjamas and take turns modelling them for each other.

58. Go through revolving doors with your lover.

59. Camp out in a tent with your lover and picnic in a tree house.

60. Spend one solid hour exploring various kissing techniques.

61. Turn your “bedroom” into a “boudoir”. Use soft colours and fabrics, fresh cut flowers on your nightstand, mirrors everywhere, etc. Hang your lovers favourite art on your walls.

62. Make a list of the special days on the calendar that you celebrate together, such as the day you met, your yearly anniversary, or even the anniversary of your first kiss. On these days make a point to spend some quality time together. Cook a special meal (or pick one up on the way home from work). Buy a card or write a short letter, and let them know that you didn’t forget.

63. Toast each other when you sit down to dinner. It doesn’t need to be over bubbly or wine, but even a glass of water or iced tea. Tell them something you love about them and then drink to it!

64. Use the power of touch to make a lasting impression throughout the day. There is no such thing as not having time for a kiss goodbye in the morning or again upon reuniting at the end of the day. And an inviting warm hug or back rub at the end of a stressful day is always appreciated.

65. Take pictures often; don’t save the camera for holidays and special occasions. Create a visual scrapbook of your everyday life together. Better still, set the timer and pose together. You will both appreciate the warmth of the moment when you see these snapshots in an album down the road.

66. Do something thoughtful for them every day. Whether it’s making them a cup of coffee in the morning, sticking a surprise note in their bag, or leaving them a chocolate “kiss” on the pillow before bedtime, everyone loves a romantic surprise.

67. Let them see you at your best. It’s ironic that we dress up to meet total strangers but let ourselves go around our nearest and dearest.

68. Be honest if you are feeling stressed or under the weather. Your partner will appreciate your honesty and will know not to take it personally when you come home in a bad mood.

69. Sit down together when you get home and relate your daily experiences. The best thing about spending time apart is that it makes you appreciate each other more.

70. If your partner is going away for a few days, say that you are worried about them so you have organised a bodyguard to look after them. Give them a small teddy bear.

71. Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick the stars on the roof above your bed to spell out a message such as “I Love You”. When the lights godown, your message will be revealed!

72. Buy a stylish hand mirror and give it to your partner as a gift. Include a card in the box saying, “In this mirror you will see the image of the most beautiful person in the world.”

73. Take a book that your partner is reading and using a pencil, underline letters in a section of the book they’ve yet to read to spell out a love letter. The underlined letters will make your partner curious and with a bit of luck they’ll write them down. Spend time to encode a proper message.

74. Pick a smooth stone and have a jeweller engrave it with a romantic message.

75. Drive into the country, find a grassy hill and lie with your partner and look up at the clouds. Play the kids’ game of looking for shapes in the cloud formations.

76. Learn one of Shakespeare’s love sonnets and recite it to your partner in a romantic setting.

77. If your partner has to work late, take a lunch box and fill it with some of their favourite things such as chocolates, herbal tea, cookies, a small teddy bear. Next, get a piece of paper and write “[Name] Late Night Survival Pack” Draw a big red cross below this and stick the paper to the top of the box. Tell your partner to open the box when things get really tough.

78. If you are walking by a park, visit the swings and give your partner a ride. This will often bring back happy memories from their childhood.

79. Buy a small decorated cardboard box, a sheet of coloured tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank card. Line the box with the tissue paper. Place the massage oil in the box and write the following message on the card: I know a great Masseur. For an appointment ring: (Your Phone Number)

80. Go for a walk on the beach. Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand. Sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you watch the sun go down.

81. Organise a professional photo shoot to obtain a portrait of the two of you as a couple. Frame the picture and put it somewhere prominent. Remember to make sure you give your partner plenty of notice so that they can get ready.

82. When you and your partner are in a shopping centre or airport, stop at one of those booths that allow you to take an instant photo and print them out as stickers. Choose a romantic background and kiss your partner while the photo is being taken.

83. Always listen for things that your partner reminisces about and jot them down somewhere. For example, perhaps they talk about the ice cream from a particular shop when they were a child. When a special occasion comes along, check your list of things that your partner talks about and try to recreate one of them, for example, visit the shop and buy a tub of ice cream making sure that the name of the shop is on the container.

84. Buy an ornately carved wooden box which is lined with green or red felt. Find an old fashioned key and place it in the box. Next, get a small gold plaque and have it engraved with the words “The Key To My Heart”. Fix the plaque to the inside of the top of the box so that it can be read when the box is opened.

85. Create a love montage by collecting some photographs of you and your partner, some ticket stubs of places you have visited and any other small odds and ends that have special meaning to you both. Take these items and get them professionally framed in a three dimensional montage. Alternatively, buy a frame and create a simple montage yourself.

86. Buy a tree with your partner and plant it in a special spot. Each year on your anniversary, have a glass of champagne next to your tree and talk about how your love and the tree has grown.

87. Name a star after your lover.

88. Find a comic strip that relates to something that you and your partner have shared together. For example perhaps you both work in the same office and you find a Dilbert cartoon that relates to the politics at your workplace. Enlarge the cartoon using a photocopier and use white-out to cover the cartoon text. Type up your own text that relates to you and your partner and paste it in the appropriate places and then photocopy the cartoon again so that it looks like your text was the actual text of the cartoon. For an added touch, get your customised cartoon laminated before giving it to your partner.

89. When you and your partner are enjoying a restful time away, organise to wakeup early one morning and go to a scenic spot to watch the sun rise. This may seem difficult but it is something which is definitely worth doing at least once. Seeing a new day being born is something really special to share with your partner.

90. When you have access to a spa, create a romantic atmosphere by placing some candles around the tub and some rose petals floating on the surface of the water. As your partner enjoys the water, serve champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before joining her.

91. Next time it is raining really heavily, go for a walk with your partner. Forget the umbrellas and the raincoats. Run through the streets together, jump in puddles and get totally saturated. Pick her up, twirl her around and kiss her while the rain falls. Taste the water off her face and hold her close. When you get back home have a hot shower and then share a warm drink preferably in front of an open fire.

92. Organise a hot air ballooning trip as a special surprise. Most trips begin with a glass of champagne before you float over the countryside with your partner.

93. When your partner is sitting at a table or desk, come up behind him or her and give a back, shoulder and head massage. Finish with a gentle kiss on the cheek.

94. Buy a book that you and your partner are both interested in reading. Read one chapter each night in bed with each of you taking turns to read out loud. This can be a great alternative to television.

95. Buy a box of chocolates and very carefully open one side of the plastic wrap so that you can gently slide the box out. Open the box and place a love note inside. Then slide the box back into its plastic wrap and reseal it.

96. Rent a tandem bike and go for a ride with your partner. At the end of your ride have a picnic in the park.

97. Speak to your partner’s family and find out what their favourite book was when they were a child. Buy a copy of the book and read it to them in bed.

98. Buy a kite and on a windy day find a park and fly the kite with your partner. If you can afford it, buy a large kite that you control with two hand lines. These kites are great fun.

99. When your partner is sick at home, take a day off to look after them. Rent some videos, make some soup, wrap up in a blanket and just be with them.

100. When you are having dinner one night, ask your partner about the things they have always wanted to do. Later on, write these things down so you don’t forget them and over time try and help make them happen.

101. On a hot summer’s day, buy two large water pistols and take them to the beach with you. Pull them out and throw one to your partner and then have a huge water fight.

102. Share your food with your partner. When you go out for a meal, hold a forkful up to their mouth and say, “You’ve got to try this.” Sharing your food and even feeding each other is a great way to become closer as a couple.

103. Compliment your partner in public.

104. Arrange a special day off from work. Start with breakfast, go for a walk in the park, go shopping, have afternoon tea in a cosy cafe and finish off with a romantic dinner.

105. Even if you are just going down the road to buy some milk, act as though you are returning home after a major adventure. Say something like, “Well it was touch and go there for a while with the snow and the wolves but I made it!” and then give your partner a huge bear hug.

106. Give your partner a magic gift box. Every month, place a new small gift in the box for them to discover.

107. Research your partner’s favourite hobby and identify a gift that is really useful. The more specialised the gift the more impact it will have. Talk to friends and family and use the Net to find the information you need.

108. Create a loving nickname for your partner. This could be the name they were called when they were young or something that is special just for the two of you.

109. Write a love song for your partner. Produce a manuscript and a CD.

110. Have a really big pillow fight. Set up for it by buying two pillows that are filled with feathers. Put holes in the pillows so the feathers will start to fly and then attack your partner when you feel the time is right.

111. Get out into the great outdoors. After a day of hiking, build an open fire. Sit by the fire with your partner, toast marshmallows and watch as the embers of the fire climb into the night sky.

112. If you are in a secluded spot near a beach or lake and the weather is warm, go for an impromptu skinny dip with your partner.

113. The day before your partner’s birthday buy some helium balloons, streamers and flowers and hide them in a closet. When your partner has fallen asleep, string the streamers around the room and bring out the balloons and flowers. Place them around the bed so that your partner wakes up to a real birthday surprise.

114. Go bowling! This activity will keep your hearts pumping and your competitive spirits high. Place a sexy wager on it and ramp up the spice factor.

115. Spend the night listening to each other’s music collection. Swap CDs and share stories about what songs or bands mean the most to you and why.

116. Play Twister. Here is the ultimate low cost game that will get you sweating, touching, and laughing together.

117. Pretend you are having a blackout and have a sexy candlelit evening.

118. Go to the beach and hold a sand castle competition.

119. Hang out at the mall and then split up so that you can each go and buy a sexy small gift for each other.

120. Keep a diary or a journal of your special memories and dates together. One night when funds are tight, read them out loud to your partner.

121. Write a message on the refrigerator door with fun magnet words or letters.

122. Create a newspaper on your computer with a headline that declares your love.

123. Make a T-shirt for your partner celebrating a recent accomplishment.

124. Leave a trail of sexy text messages throughout the day with a series of hints on where they can find you. It will be in the bathtub with candles and a bottle of wine.

125. Make up a crossword with sexy clues and hints that define your relationship.

126. Go to the park and play Frisbee or catch. Working up a sweat now will give you plenty of ideas to relax later.

127. Make a pizza together with a kit from the grocery store. One half will be your toppings, the other half will be theirs.

128. Make a sexy digital picture of you and send it to their mobile phone. Even better, make the picture include only a part of your body. Ask them to guess what it is.

129. Play 20 questions with each other, allowing each other just that many questions. No rules on this one, answering questions will help you get to know each other better, and maybe even spark some sexy ideas for things to come following the game.

130. Change your appearance with a wig or a fun costume. Use accessories from the pound store. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Your partner will feel like they are coming home to a new mate leaving for some very naughty thoughts.

131. Call a radio station and have “your song” dedicated to them. Make sure they are around to hear your romantic message.

132. Go sledging together for an hour or two, then hurry back home to warm each other up.

133. Build a snowman together.

134. Stay in bed on a rainy Saturday and read to one another from a book of poetry.

135. Card games, board games, and colouring books — often picking up the games we enjoyed as kids is the best way to relax and enjoy one another.

136. Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop listening to live music.

137. Join an activity. It will give you guaranteed time together.

138. Do some research. Ask around for a little-known hot spot and surprise your lover with a date there.

139. Take a cooking class together.

140. Go to the orchestra. If classical music isn’t your thing, the person at the box office can probably recommend a performance that features more modern music.

141. Rent a limo and have it pick up your lover after work, then whisk them away for a tour of some of your city’s architectural and natural highlights.

142. Tell your lover how to dress for the occasion but don’t share your plans. It will keep them on their toes all day!

143. Go to a museum together. Share your opinions on what you see, and enjoy learning more about your lover.

144. Go to a theme park together and spend the day acting like kids.

145. Enjoy a walk together at the local arboretum when the flowering trees are blooming.

146. Visit the local zoo when all the baby animals have just arrived.

147. Let your partner teach you about the hobbies they enjoy.

148. Book a couple’s massage.

149. Make a list together of places in your area that you’ve always wanted to go. Make it your goal to cross one place off that list each month.

150. Let your date pick the movie for a change — even if blowing up zombies might not be your idea of romance.

151. Spend the night at a hotel. Hotel dates are romantic because they seem forbidden and a little taboo. If you’ve been dating or married a while, this will definitely bring the spark back. Kick it up a notch by role playing or pretending you are strangers.

152. Have a spa day. Nothing says romance like getting pampered.

153. Throw a cocktail party. Entertaining together will make you feel like a couple and renew or ignite a significant bonding experience.

154. Go to the beach. Even in the winter! Bundle up and walk by the seashore holding hands and enjoying the soft crash of the waves.

155. Go horseback riding.

156. Have a poker night for two. Gambling always raises the stakes and keeps things interesting. The bolder couple can go with strip poker here.

157. Plan a Theme Night. Pick a theme for one night and stick to it, arranging your entire night such as meals, movies, and post-date activity around this theme.

158. Cook a meal together.

159. Spend time at home with body paints.

160. Give each other back rubs.

161. Play a romantic board game with your sweetheart. Before starting the game, decide what the loser have to do for the winner, what the rewards and the punishments will be, etc.

162. Go out and watch shooting stars.

163. Create a romantic song together.

164. Make a video of you confessing your love to your partner and email it to them.

165. Make a lovely bookmark for your partner that reminds them of you and your love.

166. Make some love coupons which offer your partner free gifts such as a massage, a special meal or other pampering.

167. Buy your lover a cotton towel embroidered with their name or a romantic message.

168. Pick wildflowers on the way home and give them to your partner.

169. Revisit some of the places you went to when you were first dating.

170. Arrive separately at a party or venue and pretend to be strangers getting to know one another.

171. Fix something or fix up the house just to make your partner happy.

172. Take a nap together.

173. Make a list of everything you love about him or her.

174. Groom yourself, and try to look good for your partner.

175. Feed each other grapes.

176. Recreate your partner’s favourite romantic movie scene.

177. Create a little box with a bunch of your partner’s favourite things inside.

178. Try some sexy role-playing. Get dressed up, be daring, have fun.

179. Give a little token to your partner to wear, and say it’s to remind him or her all day that you love them.

180. Sing a favourite song to him or her. Only do this if you can sing fairly well.

181. Hold hands, and walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights.

182. Say I love you in a different way every day.

183. Blindfold your partner. Use a feather. Slowly.

184. Get your partner a wristwatch. Inscribe it with: “I always have time for you”.

185. Visit a karaoke bar and surprise your lover by getting up and singing “your song” to him/her.

186. Kidnap and blindfold them! Drive them around town until they’re thoroughly lost. Then reveal your destination: A favourite restaurant, or maybe a romantic inn.

187. Make a giant greeting card out of a big cardboard box (such as the type used to pack a refrigerator).

188. Spend the entire day watching romantic movies.

189. Buy a lottery ticket. Give it to your partner with a little note attached: “I hit the jackpot when I married you!”

190. When out together in public, wink at your partner from across the room.

191. Every once in a while, kiss her hand with a flourish. Note: The proper way to kiss a woman’s hand is to lower your lips to her hand. You don’t raise her hand to your lips.

192. Call your partner from work for no other reason than to say, “I love you.”

193. What could be more classic than a fine gold locket with your photo inside? (Maybe a photo of the two of you.)

194. Make your partner a special breakfast in bed.

195. Learn to create a beautiful origami sculpture and make it from quality paper or card. Write a romantic note on it and put a few drops of essential oils or perfume on it.

196. Hold her tight and tell her stories during a big thunderstorm.

197. Go sailing together.

198. Go out and tell people you are on honeymoon.

199. Write a story about your partner where they are the hero or heroine.