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The Lingo Show: CBeebies game teaching languages to young children

By   - Mar 14, 2011

the lingo show

Introducing young learners to the diversity of culture and language.

The BBC has announced the immense success of The Lingo Show, a CBeebies online game designed to introduce young children to different cultures and languages.

Launched on the 14th February, and attracting over 135,000 visitors in the first week alone, The Lingo Show introduces French, Spanish, Mandarin, Welsh, Punjabi, Urdu, Polish and Somali to preschoolers using a number of colourful bug characters.

As children play online, the bugs enlist them to prepare for the Big Bug Show where, through a series of playful activities, they can learn new words in context and then use them as they sing their hearts out to the finale song.

The Lingo Show also features makes, audio clips and songs designed to stimulate creativity and celebrate diversity.

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One Response to “The Lingo Show: CBeebies game teaching languages to young children”

  1. richard shaw on July 5th, 2015 7:52 pm

    My son loves watching the cbbc s lingo show and wonders if there will be any toy s coming out in the future. Thanks richard.